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Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is an infection that can severely damage the liver. Although it affects millions of people, half don’t know they have it because they do not show symptoms. The good news is that HCV can be cured!

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Understanding Hepatitis

Hepatitis infects the liver. Over time, it can cause serious liver damage with permanent scarring leading to  liver failure and cancer.  You cannot live without your liver so this has to be treated.

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Living Healthy with HCV

HCV is a serious but treatable disease. Learn how you can protect yourself and your loved ones while living a healthier life.

Living Healthy with HCV

Understanding Liver Cancer

If not treated, HCV can lead to a common type of liver cancer known as hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Learn more about this cancer and how to prevent it through screening and early treatment of HCV.

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HCV Fact Sheets

The STOP HCC Program

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