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Screening and treatment of hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a national health priority to stop the rising incidence and mortality from primary liver cancer, including its most common form – hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Our STOP HCC-HCV team has developed tools and strategies for health care professionals and administrators to implement for HCV screening, management, and treatment. These resources focus on one-time, universal screening of baby boomers (persons born 1945-1965) reflecting US Preventive Services Task Force guidelines. Baby boomers account for 75% of HCV infections in the US. However, these tools can be adapted to address screening and navigation for other at-risk groups.

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Summary of key components for successful implementation of HCV screening, management, and treatment and performance monitoring within practices serving primarily under- and uninsured patients.

Implementation Overview


Repository of educational materials and course modules designed for different audiences such as clinicians, practice staff, patients, and the general public. Topics include: HCV epidemiology, management, and cure; HCC prevention; and addressing alcohol use in patients with chronic HCV.

Educational Resources

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Description of practice design choices to support an effective HCV program for diagnosing, managing, and treating chronic infection within the patient’s primary medical home.

Clinical Infrastructure

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A growing library of publications and resources relevant to the national effort to address HCV and associated comorbidities especially within primary care.

News & References

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