An effective infrastructure to screen, manage, and treat patients within primary care requires evidence-based education for clinical staff as well as patients. Below, we provide resources oriented to health care professionals as well as the general public.

Powerpoint presentations are available in pdf format. If you have difficulty viewing them or require a different format, please contact us.

Provider and staff educational resources

Hepatitis C: From Threat to Cure

These presentations, intended to be given in tandem to physicians and staff, offer information about the epidemiology, clinical course, and management of Hepatitis C (HCV) and Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC). The provider-oriented slide deck describes the epidemiology of HCV, prevalence and clinical course as well as specific components of HCV screening, evaluation, and treatment. The staff-oriented slide deck overviews much of this information, with emphasis on supporting screening and management efforts. The one-page fact-sheet highlight key points.

Hepatitis C: For Providers

Hepatitis C: For Staff

Hepatitis C fact sheet

HCV Treatment Basics

This presentation describes evaluation and treatment with well tolerated, effective direct-acting antiviral drugs for chronic HCV. Key aspects include dose and duration of treatment;  specific target for non-pangenotypic drugs; side effects efficacy from trials, and monitoring protocols.

Hepatitis C Treatment

STOP Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)

This presentation describes trends in the incidence and prevalence of HCC, the fastest growing cancer in the state of Texas. It also offers information about the epidemiology, primary role of HCV infection, prevention and treatment strategies.

Hepatocellular Carcinoma presentation

Hepatocellular Carcinoma fact sheet

Addressing alcohol use in patients with HCV

This three-part course module offers:

1)  An overview of alcohol’s significant negative impact on disease progression and response to treatment for HCV

2) Presents key components of Screening, Brief Intervention, (SBI), including an overview of motivational interviewing and tailoring based on stage of change. Practical aspects such as billing for SBI are described.

2) Describes the types, side effects, and effectiveness of pharmacologic treatment options for alcohol use in the context of chronic liver disease.

Lecture 1: Alcohol and HCV

Lecture 2: Overview of Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI)

Lecture 3: Pharmacologic strategies for alcohol use in patients with HCV

Patient and community educational resources

Educational posters for display

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) offers an array of educational posters available for free to be placed across the practice or clinic to support opt-out baby boomer screening.

CDC educational posters


English and Spanish patient education mobile app

The STOP HCC Mobile App helps users understand HCV and its risks, how to reduce transmission to others, why to reduce alcohol consumption, and options for treatment if they are diagnosed. It promotes patient engagement in care and aims to reduce stigma through knowledge. To access the STOP HCC-HCV mobile app, contact us. Pdfs of the slides are provided below in English and Spanish.

English HCV mobile app

Spanish HCV mobile app

About HCV infographic

This one-page fact sheet provides basic information about the virus as well as straightforward guidance on reducing transmission risk and accessing screening. The flyer is available in English and Spanish (Spanish is on page 2 of the pdf below to support double-sided printing).

About HCV in English and Spanish

HCV and Alcohol

This fact sheet describes pervasive negative effects of alcohol use by patients with chronic HCV infection, emphasizing how it accelerates liver damage and reduces the benefits of HCV therapy.

HCV and Alcohol